Torcoflex 3550-UK-LS4 UK Set 1/2 Inch 5-Piece 40-200 Nm Black

£142.80 inc VAT

This high quality kit includes a Torcoflex 3550 UK torque wrench with a range of 40 – 200 Nm. It is supplied with a test certificate to cover right hand (tightening) operation. The reversible ratchet enables right and left-hand rotation. It features a 1/2 inch square drive which conforms to DIN EN ISO 6789-2: 2017. The adjusted maximum allowed deviation of +/-3% is more precise than that allowed for by the standard +/-4% in the sizes of the wheel sleeve.

Usually available from UK stock


  • Proven torque wrench in tightening range 40-200 N·m with test certificate.
  • Controlled clockwise tightening; reversible ratchet with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation; 1/2-inch drive
  • Conforms to DIN EN ISO 6789-2: 2017; adjusted to a maximum permissible deviation of +/-3% and therefore more precise than the +/-4% required in the standard
  • Thanks to 1/2 inch extension and power socket wrenches with protective sleeve in sizes 17, 19 and 21 mm, this is the perfect kit to keep in the car. Ideal for unexpected wheel changes!
  • Made in Germany


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