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The story of Gedore Tools


Gedore's 1926 factory


The Gedore name was born in 1919, when two brothers (in German, Gebruder) named Dowidat established a small tool making factory in Remsheid in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. From the outset, the Company's focus was on quality and innovative design. Determined to offer the most comprehensive range of tools and equipment, the company's early years saw rapid expansion built on successful sales into the German engineering market.

The Company's first real expansion came about in 1926 with a move into a new purpose built factory (pictured left). Focusing on domestic and international sales, Otto Dowidat continued to develop the Company and the brand soon gained a global reputation for quality and innovation across many industry sectors.

Following Otto's death in 1975, the stewardship of the Company passed to his son Karl Dowidat. Karl realised the importance of continuing to innovate, and was responsible for the expansion of the product range worldwide. In addition to in-house product development, Karl also recognised the need to grow the Company through acquisition, and successfully negotiated the purchase of specialist manufacturers of pullers, torque equipment, punches, and forestry equipment. Despite this phenomenal growth, the Company remains loyal to its roots and is still based in Remscheid, and is still operated by the Dowidat family.

Today, the Gedore company lives under the umbrella of the Gedore group which is controlled by Karl's daughter Karen Dowidat, and her son Christian. The diverse product range has been rationalised into three key brands: GEDORE - the premium brand for high-quality tools; CAROLUS - the brand for solid tools in the middle price segment; OCHSENKOPF - the traditional premium brand for excellent forestry tools.

Employing more than 2500 employees, across 16 sites, and with a product range in excess of 16,000 items (the widest range of any European tool manufacturer), the Company goes from strength to strength.

Gedore tools are the preferred choice for professionals in a diverse range of industry sectors across the globe. These include engineering; automotive; nuclear; renewable energy; aviation; marine; and space technology, as well as trades professionals.



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