Gedore Red Allround Universal Tool set in tool case 59pcs

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Allround Universal Tool set in tool case 59pcs from the Gedore Red range

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  • Combination spanner: To DIN 3113, Form A ISO 3318, ISO 7738, ring side angled 15° jaw position, surface matt satin, plate-chromed, chrome-vanadium steel
  • Engineers’ hammer: Forged hammer head of tempered steel, inductively hardened striking surfaces, to DIN 1041, ash handle, paint-coated shaft end, ring wedge
  • Combination pliers: To DIN ISO 5746, gripping zones for flat and round material, inductively hardened cutting edges, dual-material handle, chrome-vanadium steel
  • Side cutters: To DIN ISO 5749, slender head, inductively hardened, long cutting edges, dual-material handle, chrome-vanadium steel
  • 2C screwdriver: Slot and cross-slotted PH, PZ , to DIN, high-grade chrome-molybdenum steel blade, chrome-plated, phosphated driven tip, dual-material handle, 5-edge grip head, elongated hole in handle
  • Hexagon socket key: To DIN, hardened throughout, chrome-vanadium steel, phosphated, in holder
  • Flat and cross-cut chisel: To DIN, cutting edge and head ground, impact end tempered, chrome-vanadium steel
  • Hexagonal punch: To DIN 6458, impact end annealed, chrome-vanadium steel
  • Centre punch, hexagonal: To DIN 7250, impact end annealed, chrome-vanadium steel
  • Water pump pliers: To DIN 8976 Form C, lengthways-serrated gripping surfaces, box joint, 7 settings, chrome vanadium steel, powder-coated
  • Phase tester: Max. 250 volt, black gun-metal tip, red plastic jacket, anti-slip handle surface, synthetic clip, to DIN 0680-6:1977-04
  • Round and flat files: To DIN 7261, dual-material handle, hands-friendly transfer of force, hole for hanging up
  • Adjustable spanner: 15° jaw position, polished head with lasered scale, 40-50 HRC, chrome-vanadium steel, chrome-plated
  • Wood sectioned folding ruler Metric dual scale, Accuracy Class III, EC-design approval for continuous mm division, beech wood with through-riveted joints
  • Carbide scriber: Pencil and carbide scriber in one, straight form, retractable nib, metal housing, attaching clip

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Dimensions 400 cm




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